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Brand Name Garage Doors & Openers

Garage Doors:

When you’re looking for the ideal door for your garage, look no further than Heritage! Our team of expert installers has been together for 20 years, and our experience shows! We can give you the door you want, in the style you want, at the value you want, for less. Our garage doors are built to last by the very best manufacturers in the industry, and we offer incredible services and repairs for everything we sell.

Take some time go through some samples of our inventory to learn more about exactly what Heritage Garage Doors can offer you:

White garage carriage doors

Amarr Classica Collection

Residential Steel & Wood Garage Doors

Openings in Carriage House Style. Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see an authentic carriage house door. Up close, they go up and down like traditional garage doors. Available in Steel and Wood.

Wooden doors

Canyon Ridge Collection

Residential Doors

Canyon Ridge® Collection provides the natural beauty of wood with the durability and low maintenance of an innovative polymer cladding and overlay.

Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are lighter than steel and generally easier on their lifting mechanisms. They are also more resistant to air and salt, and can save you more in the long run on maintenance costs.

Steel: Steel doors provide the ultimate in durability when it comes to your garage. They provide terrific security, and can be customized in a variety of designs and colors to fit your style and taste.

Wood: Wood garage doors give you the full range of customizable size and style that you may need for your home. Wood doors can be easily shaped to fit any entrance, and add a unique design element that aluminum and steel doors simply can’t measure up to.

Garage Door Openers:

Garage door openers offer easy access to your home at the click of a button. When you have a functioning lift mechanism installed in your garage, life gets a lot easier for you, even when the power goes out.

For more information about our garage doors or openers, or to schedule your FREE estimate with us for your windows or doors, please call Heritage at 408-266-8303.